Oops: MSNBC Host Tries to Slam Trump With a Conservative Talking Point

Posted: Apr 15, 2020 12:20 PM
Oops: MSNBC Host Tries to Slam Trump With a Conservative Talking Point

Source: MSNBC

MSNBC host Joy Reid, known for her consistent bashing of President Trump on nearly every political and personal issue, made a surprising statement about the CARES Act stimulus checks on Wednesday morning. People from the left and right were shocked when Reid, who espouses far-left ideology, reminded her Twitter followers that the checks coming from the government were, in fact, funded by taxpayers. 

"BTW you all realize that check Treasury is sending you with Trump's name scribbled on it is your money, right?" The host of 'AM Joy' said shortly after midnight. "It's your tax dollars that congress appropriated. Trump is basically the guy who 'lends' you back your own lawnmower he borrowed and has had at his house for months..."

Reid comparing the president to a stingy, dishonest neighbor seemed to miss the point that the taxpayer-funded stimulus was designed to reinforce the devastated economy and keep people in their homes. Additionally, the CARES Act, which came with a $6 trillion price tag was authored and passed with bipartisan support through both chambers of Congress. The president approved of the package and signed it into law but never told Americans it was his gift to them. 

Calling out the federal government for reckless spending is typically something heard from conservatives and libertarians but rarely from progressives, who generally favor extensive government involvement in everyday life. Twitter users were quick to point out Reid's suddenly dark outlook on federal taxation.

Reid also made headlines at the end of March when she asserted that President Trump, in collaboration with Attorney General Bill Barr, might attempt to expand his executive authority under the guise of "National Security."

It's hardly news that Trump has always had designs on reigning as a monarch with unlimited power, rather than serving as a mere president in a democracy. But with the country facing an unprecedented public health crisis, what lengths might he, backed by an Attorney General whose writings and actions point to a fundamental belief in an all-powerful presidency — at least when the would-be king is a Republican — what lengths might Trump go to, to expand his power under the guise of national security?

The controversial host has also received backlash over the years for posting remarks on a blog, "Reid Report," deemed homophobic and racist. Though she did not lose her standing at MSNBC, she lost a regular column at the Daily Beast and was taken out of consideration for an LGBT award. Claiming she was hacked, she never confessed to making the blog posts but did issue a vague, public apology. 

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