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Peyton for President?!

One of our readers, Mark Hallyburton, started this website and brought this to our attention: it's a Peyton for President campaign. The tagline speaks directly to conservatives: "Conservatives need a champion. Peyton Manning needs a job."

Clever! Sadly, I think Manning will find a job way before conservatives find their champion. That being said, Peyton's had a history of contributing to Republicans (George Bush, Fred Thompson, Richard Lugar, and Bob Corker), so it's probably a more logical fit than many other A-list athletes would be.

It's actually very social media-savvy --they even have a twitter hashtag: #peyton4pres. Hallyburton told us that he has collected over 1,000 email addresses as of the two days the site has been active. He says they won't be given or sold to any third party, with the exception of Peyton Manning. His plan is to keep the people who submitted their email addresses informed of "where the revolution stands and how they may get involved."

Hallyburton, who describes himself as conservative, said he came up with the idea last week when Peyton Manning set even cable network news afire after he and the Colts parted ways:


"I came up with the idea by being disgusted by the lukewarm pulse of the conservative candidates after Super Tuesday, and that none of them had the excited following that culminated in Obama's sweeping win in 2008.  Peyton Manning was all over the news last week after being released by the Colts, and after joking about the notion, I seriously couldn't find a flaw in it.  The man represents everything any man aspires to be, and without mincing words or switching sides.  Manning is someone everyone can believe in and therefore get behind, blue & red alike.  Wouldn't it be awesome to see a "United" States?"

Hallyburton identifies himself as a Georgia Tech fan, but he admits it's hard not to love the Colts.

"There's something to be said about all-around class, win or lose," he told us.

And don't worry, I checked--the raised fist at the bottom of the page isn't meant to symbolize any socialist overtones, just action and revolution!

While the odds of something like this happening are about as good as the Colts going undefeated next year or Paris Hilton piloting a space ship, the concept of athletes jumping from sports to politics is a road that's been traveled several times before. Unfortunately, this is one late-game comeback Peyton probably can't swing, and likely doesn't want to.

2016, anyone?


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