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A Landscape-Changing Video in Pro-Life Movement

This gorgeous video, according to, "is drawing rave reviews from pro-life advocates around the world for its depiction of the fetal development of an unborn baby."


The new video on YouTube features Alexander Tsiaras, the author of From Conception to Birth: A Life Unfolds, presenting a video he helped develop which shows a visualization of the unborn child’s development from conception to birth. The video already has nearly 80,000 views even though it was only uploaded to YouTube on November 14.

Just listen to Tsiaras' impressive resume at the beginning of this video, and then watch the amazing work.


At an event this month, my coworker Katie Pavlich debated a liberal the other day who said she did not believe an unborn baby was a human person. She called it a 'fetus,' as if calling a cloud 'cumulous' made it not a cloud. In the face of modern technology, it's hard to believe that people who claim the unborn aren't human are doing anything but lying to themselves to support a flawed ideology. That's why videos like these are so important--they show the humanity of the uborn.

"Beyond human comprehension," Tsiaras says of the human body's work.

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