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Mary Katharine Ham for TH Magazine: Celebrity Rehab-Washington Style

We're in the methadone clinic for addiction to spending.


From Mary Katharine Ham's EXCLUSIVE column in Townhall Magazine's September issue:


"A budget deal has been done in Washington, which must mean absolutely no one is happy, right?

"It is the curse of bipartisanship. The Right doesn't like the debt-ceiling deal because it doesn't cut enough. The Left doesn't like the debt-ceiling deal because, in the world of gumdrop valleys and inexhaustible cash-growing trees in which it lives, the deal cuts too much. And, American independents, who clamor for bipartisanship, still hate the messy results the messy process yields.

"Congress's approval rating hovers in the lowly teens and is not likely to go up, as the two-step debt ceiling deal requires fighting once again over a spending-cut commission, appointments to that commission and a debate over a balanced budget amendment.

"I've got news for those -- many of them electorally important independents -- frustrated by conflict in Washington."

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