HOA Goes After Marine For Being Patriotic...SERIOUSLY!

Posted: May 27, 2009 11:10 PM

If you're a member of a home owners association (HOA) or have heard of the absurd things they do from time to time, you'll want to hear about this one in particular.

Most Marines are proud of being ... well, a Marine, and Frank Larison is no different. He proudly served his country in Vietnam and fought for, amongst many things, the freedom of speech. Problem is, to one HOA in Dallas - being a proud Marine and displaying that on your car is "advertising." From the Dallas Morning News:

"About five months ago, [Frank Larison] adorned the rear window of his black Chevy HHR with several decals, the largest of which is the eagle, globe and anchor, the official emblem of the U.S. Marine Corps.

There's also a diamond-shaped 1st Marine Aircraft Wing insignia and two other small window decals.

He's also got one sticker on his bumper that reads: "OORAH! It's a Marine Thing."

As proud as he is of the men and women who serve his country, and of his own 14 years spent in the Marines and Coast Guard, Larison didn't think much about his decals until he got a letter from his homeowners association.

The letter, dated May 18, stated that the Woodlands II board of directors "has observed that your vehicle has decal advertising on its exterior" in violation of a homeowners association covenant."

That's right, showing you are a proud Marine on your car is now "advertising" and has made some little HOA's feather's to be ruffled. Problem is, not all members of the so-called board knew of the President's letter.  That should be the only problem, but of course, it's not. Who in their right mind would consider displaying their Marine stickers a "problem."  (no notices were given to those who had OBAMA 08 stickers, by the way...guess it isn't advertising to support a guy who can't figure out the election is over and he is supposed to be governing and not campaigning, but I digress)

I just lost my father, who served this nation proudly for twenty plus years in the Navy and who adorned his car with "US Navy Retired" magnet. He was a man who loved the Navy and this country in particular. I am thankful he isn't here to see this today.

"For starters, he said, his decals aren't advertising anything. More than that, however, he believes he has a First Amendment right to sport military service decals on his car.

"I am a Marine Corps" veteran, he said. "I do support our troops. I'm patriotic. If that's wrong, if that's going to keep me from living here, well, I'm sorry."

Hooray for him. Better yet, make that "Ooh-rah."

From a Navy brat, let me double that sentiment!