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Governor Perry speaking to more than 5,000 people in Ft. Worth. by Governor Rick Perry.

Fort Worth Tea Party at La Grave Field (Home of the FW Cats)

Wednesday, nearly half a million Americans came out across the heartland of America, from small towns to big cities, all for one reason…to be part of a grassroots movement called Tea Parties. Citizen Patriots who are fed up with the direction this country has gone, not just since January 20th, mobilized to become one voice united against bailouts, outrageous government spending, and deficits that have reached the trillion dollar mark. They’re mad and Wednesday night was a way to show they’re not going to take it anymore.

I was lucky enough to see the Fort Worth Tea Party first hand, serving as the emcee, as over 5,000 people showed up at La Grave Field outside of downtown to hear from the Texas Governor, Rick Perry, to a Grapevine High School Senior who gave us hope for the future. The main stream media, in the weeks leading up to the tea parties, decided on taking one of two paths: either ignoring it all together or having a calculated plan on portraying it as a group of nuts who were on the fringe of America. 
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And they did not disappoint. What will go down as the most vivid example of media bias is the confrontation between a Chicago Tea Party attendee and one of the most unprofessional reporters to hold a microphone, CNN’s Susan Roesgen. Greg Hengler has the shocking video of Roesgen’s inept attempt at being an unbiased reporter and what happened after the CNN cameras were turned off.

You have to understand, the main stream media in this country is overwhelmingly liberal and their undeniable agenda is to promote the left while minimizing (or even hijacking) anything done by conservatives in this country. Can you imagine a reporter asking the illegal aliens attending an amnesty rally “this is the country of Ellis Island where people immigrated to America the right way versus violating our laws, shouldn’t you honor that by coming into our country the legal way?”  It’s helpful to know that Ms. Roesgen has covered events of this type with a kid glove approach because it was a liberal rally and not a conservative movement. Again, thanks to Greg for
getting this video - boy does this highlight the hypocrisy.

Speaking at Fort Worth TEA Party by Governor Rick Perry.

Again, in Fort Worth, over 5000 people came out to a minor league ballpark (with 200 cars waiting to get in the parking lot) to be part of an event where they could voice their anger over the direction we’re going in. Governor Perry, who has received a tremendous amount of positive response for fighting for states rights under the 10th Amendment, received thunderous applause of applause during a passionate conservative speech that resulted in chants of PERRY-PERRY-PERRY. 

In Atlanta, twenty THOUSAND people met up in a spirited display of unity against bailouts and spendulus bills that are driving our country deeper and deeper into debt. Another 20,000 were in San Antonio at the Alamo with Glenn Beck.

Now, the question many will ponder is, what happens next…where do we go from here, what roll will the tea parties play in the political arena. One thing is for sure, the liberal left in this country has a serious case of denial when it’s leader, Nancy Pelosi, calls this “astro turf led by rich people on the right who don’t want to pay their taxes.” Trust me Madam Speaker, I’m not reach and there was no fakeness to the 5000 people I saw Wednesday night.

Rush Limbaugh said on his post-tea party show that we must be careful that this doesn’t develop into a third party…because third party candidates lose and help other candidates win – i.e. Ross Perot helping Bill Clinton defeat George H.W. Bush.  These tea-party goers aren’t the longtime activists who walk/knock/phone for candidates. Instead, they are small business owners or stay at home moms who are tired of what they see out of their elected officials..both Democrats AND Republicans.

This angst, or even anger, has to be -- and will be -- harnessed into a true movement. The words and signs show that people are fed up and aren’t going to take it anymore. Anyone who thinks this will simply go away is sadly mistaken.

It also could be the springboard to tap into that anger and eloquently communicate to the masses…as Texas Governor Rick Perry has done with his fight for the 10th Amendment and HCR 50. Hearing chants of PERRY-PERRY-PERRY proves it can be done.

Perhaps it will lead to a Tea Party National Convention, I’d suggest here in Texas, to come together and solidify the movement…perhaps considering a third party…but to be organized so rallies like this happen more frequently and unemployment is not only something Americans on Main Street see … but those in Washington get to see when they’re voted out of office.

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