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America's Governor?

Gov. David Patterson of New York is seeing unprecendented low approval ratings which is opening up the door for Rudy Giuliani to run for Governor.

From Political Wire:

The latest Marist Poll shows that just 26% of New York voters think Gov. David Paterson is doing either an excellent or good job in office. That's a drop of 20 points since the end of January.

In fact, Paterson's approval rating is the lowest any New York governor has received in the poll's nearly thirty year history.

In a general election match up, Rudy Giuliani (R) crushes Paterson 53% to 38%. The two were in a statistical tie two months ago.

In a Democratic primary, Andrew Cuomo also crushes Paterson 62% to 26%. However, Cuomo would defeat Giuliani 56% to 39%.


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