Absolutely No Media Bias, Right?

Posted: Mar 02, 2009 12:15 PM
From Newsbusters: "Newsweek's Evan Thomas trumpeted on Inside Washington: 'He looked like he belonged there unlike President Bush who sometimes seemed like 'what is this guy doing there?' even if you like him, 'he really doesn't belong.' He showed natural leadership and that alone made a big difference.”

then Nina Totenberg had to weigh in with "You know, a friend of mine said, “oh my God, we have a President again!” Now, in some ways, that's not fair to Bush, but that's the way you felt. You felt this was a guy who was totally in charge."

Of course there is no bias in the media, right? Nina, you're right, Barack Obama is in charge of the most radical socialistic spending spree America has ever seen.