Poll: Half of Respondents (52 Percent) Oppose Iran Deal

Posted: Jul 28, 2015 11:00 AM
Poll: Half of Respondents (52 Percent) Oppose Iran Deal

The Iran deal has been the talk of Washington for weeks now. Supporters of the accord say it slows Iran’s path to the bomb, reduces the number of centrifuges operated by the regime, earns general support among Western powers, and is the best option currently available under difficult circumstances. Critics, however, aren't as sanguine. They claim that the deal will speed Iran’s path to the bomb, lift sanctions on an active terrorist state, threaten the state of Israel, and provide zero assurances that Iran will ever give up its quest for nuclear weapons.

But what does the public believe?

As it happens, a hot-off-the-press poll conducted after the deal was announced provides some instruction. When asked if “Congress should approve or reject the deal with Iran,” a majority of respondents said they should:

Over a thousand respondents participated in CNN/ORC’s national survey. The D/R/I breakdown was 29/22/49.