Fail: Presidential Longshot Raises Just $30,000 in First Quarter

Posted: Jul 13, 2015 2:35 PM

Running a successful presidential primary campaign requires, among other things, having a good message, smart advisors, and an abundance of stamina. But it also requires something else: oodles of cash to pay for everyday operations, expenses, and television spots.

Unfortunately, however, not all contenders are bringing their fundraising A-game to the 2016 table (via Politico):

When it comes to fundraising, Lincoln Chafee is in a league of his own.

The former Rhode Island governor, a Republican-turned-independent who’s running for the Democratic presidential nomination, raised less than $30,000 in his first quarter as a candidate, according to his Federal Election Commission report.

That’s absurdly — and even laughably — low. By contrast, fellow Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, as the article points out, raised $45 million and $15 million during that same period, respectively. Chafee, however, couldn’t even crack six figures, which make me – and perhaps everyone else? – wonder what the hell he’s even doing in the race:

"I always thought that there was fundraising potential for an honest progressive candidate," Chafee said in a statement. "Sen. Sanders is filling that role at present."

Chafee said through a spokeswoman Monday that he knows his fundraising has to improve and is considering hiring professional fundraisers. But spokeswoman Debbie Rich said Chafee is not questioning his viability in the 2016 contest. "He is looking forward to being in Iowa with the other candidates," she said.

Well, perhaps he should. Because I’m not sure how any candidate, let alone Lincoln Chafee, could win a presidential primary with so little cash on hand, especially with Bernie Sanders now stealing the show.

By the way, it seems Democratic primary-goers just aren’t all that interested in “progressive” presidential candidates who, during the Bush years, served in Congress as Republicans.

Who knew?