Reid: All 2016 GOP Candidates Are "Losers"

Posted: Apr 15, 2015 2:45 PM
Reid: All 2016 GOP Candidates Are "Losers"

An obligatory post because we’re running out of time. Soon the Senate Minority Leader will be making these kinds of blanket statements not as one of the most powerful leaders in Washington, but as a private citizen. Cherish these moments.

Welcome to the Fourth Grade, my friends:

“I don’t really care [who wins the GOP nomination]. I think they’re all losers.”

Okay then. It’s fair to say that Reid doesn’t give a flying you-know-what anymore. Perhaps he never did.

For instance, it takes an enviable amount of shamelessness to accuse a good person running for president of a federal offense solely for political reasons. Naturally, too, Reid has zero regrets for his breathless innuendo (even after getting punk'd), just as I assume he has zero regrets about calling ex-Sen. Scott Brown a coward and the entire GOP field “losers.” He has a reputation to uphold after all. But his hypocrisy and total disregard for long-established traditions can, sometimes, get him into trouble. After all, the Maverick did have his reasons for literally threatening to "kick the sh*t" out of him.

And yet, I’m awestruck by how little Reid cares about what other people think of him. He has remarkably thick skin, which is an enviable quality in any politician. Moreover, he is also an effective and unassuming leader who has done his job exceptionally well.

In the end, however, we’ll know with certainty if all the GOP presidential candidates really are "losers." We’ll find out on November 8, 2016.