NH Poll: Shaheen: 44; Brown: 44

Posted: Jan 31, 2014 7:30 PM

Not bad for an undeclared candidate. Via The Green Room:

The survey, from bipartisan consulting firm Purple Strategies and first reported in The Boston Globe, gives both Shaheen and Brown 44 percent support among likely New Hampshire voters.

Shaheen leads Brown among women, 46 percent-38 percent, but Brown takes 51 percent of men and has a 9 percent lead with independents.

It’s the first survey of the race to show the two deadlocked and might be an indication that the barrage of negative attacks Shaheen has faced in recent weeks focused on her support for ObamaCare are beginning to take a toll.

I suspect he’ll run, but I've been wrong before. After all, the guy who once declared “defeat is only temporary” did curiously pass on two promising political opportunities in Massachusetts, only to later sell his home and start hanging out in New Hampshire. It couldn’t all be coincidental, could it? So we’ll see if he antes up. But until then, my friends, we’ll just have to wait, wonder and speculate.

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