Pro-Dem Ad: Vote For Our Candidate Who “Blew the Whistle on the Disastrous Health Care Website,” or Something

Posted: Jan 16, 2014 12:15 PM

Huh. I thought Democrats wanted to “own” Obamacare in 2014? If so, why are they running against it?

Never mind Rep. Kirkpatrick helped pass Obamacare and voted against repealing it. According to the ad, she “blew the whistle” on the botched rollout (actually, as Breitbart’s Mike Flynn notes, it seems it took her six weeks before she finally did) so therefore she’s really looking out for the best interests of her constituents. But it’s hard to square that conclusion with reality. You can’t ensure a law’s passage, defend it for four years, and then claim you’re some kind of whistleblower. Where was she when members of her own party were raising concerns about the readiness of the exchanges months before they launched? It’s nice to call attention to a problem everybody knows about six weeks later, but that hardly means she's a profile in courage.

As expected, she isn’t the only Democrat running away from Obamacare -- nor will she be the last.

Editor's note: This post originally misspelled the candidate's name. The piece has since been updated.

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