Canadian Man Wins $40 Million and Will Donate All of it to Charity

Posted: Dec 21, 2013 8:00 AM

What would you do with $40 million? Would you give it all away to charity? Because that’s exactly what this guy is doing.

‘Tis the season:

A Calgary man who won $40 million seven months ago and then kept it secret from his own children says he will donate his entire winnings to charity.

Widower Tom Crist was the winner of the Lotto Max jackpot on May 3.

“Cancer is a big one because my wife passed away from cancer, two years ago in February,” Crist said Monday.

“She was fairly young,” Crist told CBC Radio. “She beat it for six years before it finally caught up to her.”

“I just retired at the end of September so I was fortunate enough in my career to set myself up and my kids anyway, and there was no doubt in my mind where that money was going to go, it was going to go to charity.”

Even if he was fortunate enough to “set himself up” -- and his kids, too -- this is an unbelievably kind and generous gesture. After his late wife’s passing, he wants to donate to cancer research charities that will honor her memory, and in the process, hopefully save lives. Most of us, I reckon, would keep the bulk of the winnings, and perhaps give some away to charitable causes we felt were important. Not Tom Crist. He’s giving away all of it.

Faith in humanity, restored.

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