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On Monday, Florida Senator Marco Rubio blasted out an email to supporters on behalf of the Reclaim America Pac endorsing Scott Brown and explaining, in no uncertain terms, the myriad reasons why Bay State voters should not elect Elizabeth Warren to the United States Senate in November:


Two years ago, I endorsed Scott Brown because I knew he would be a critical vote against expanded government, out-of-control spending, and the President's healthcare takeover. Now Scott Brown is running for reelection against an ultra-liberal backed by extreme big-government special interests.

Scott's opponent is Elizabeth Warren, an extreme liberal who was nominated by Harry Reid to oversee the failed TARP program.

If elected, she will be a reliable vote for the failed liberal policies that have created record debt, prolonged unemployment, and a diminished future for our country.

Recently it was announced that Elizabeth Warren outraised Scott Brown by more than $3 million dollars, aided in part by contributions from liberals like George Soros.

Scott and I don't agree on everything, but I know Scott is a dedicated husband, loving father, and principled public servant. He believes in cutting spending, reining in our debt, balancing our budget, and repealing Obamacare. He's been an independent voice for common sense in Washington, and has kept his campaign promises to the people of Massachusetts.

With your support, and leaders like Scott in Washington, I know we will Reclaim America.

Proud to Stand,



Repealing Obamacare, as many have argued, is perhaps the best way to jumpstart the economy and create American jobs. Onerous regulations and prevailing uncertainty have made it increasingly difficult for, say, entrepreneurs and small businesses to hire workers and expand. This is an incontrovertible fact. And so, if Scott Brown loses in November, Republicans will lose an invaluable ally in the United States Senate who would otherwise be instrumental in repealing the president’s “signature” legislative achievement. Now, of course, Scott Brown has been criticized by the Senate Republican leadership (and others) for supporting so-called “liberal” legislation (the Dodd Frank Financial regulation bill comes to mind), but his outspoken opposition to the Affordable Care Act is, and continues to be, one reason why Republicans should embrace his candidacy. Also, thanks in part to Chief Justice John Robert’s controversial Supreme Court ruling last June -- Senate Republicans now only need a simple majority to repeal Obamacare in its entirety (presuming Republicans keep control of the House and Mitt Romney wins the 2012 presidential election). Indeed, the importance of reelecting Senator Brown -- and defeating his challenger -- cannot be overstated.


Rubio’s endorsement, incidentally, comes the very same day Team Brown unveiled a new campaign video extolling the virtues of the free enterprise system while at the same time highlighting the stark differences between the Senator’s economic vision for America and his challenger’s. The spot features memorable quotations from President’s John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton and, of course, the Gipper himself. Here’s the full clip:

George F. Will, Charles Krauthammer, and others have already debunked the Left’s favorite fallacy that government -- not individual achievement, hard work or personal initiative -- is the formula for economic and material success in America. And by the way, Elizabeth Warren (and, by extension, President Obama and his progressive supporters) have the social compact exactly backwards. Government institutions -- infrastructure, roads, bridges and public schools -- exist for the explicit purpose of creating a vibrant society where individuals can thrive and pursue their own concept of the American Dream. As Dr. K pointed out in his column last week, “[s]ince forever, infrastructure has been consensually understood to be a core function of government.” No thinking person disputes this. On the other hand, he continued, individuals are what impel private businesses to succeed, grow and prosper; not government institutions.


This ongoing debate over the proper role of government -- reignited by President Obama’s breathtakingly offensive comments two weekends ago -- is a critical distinction between Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown. The Left’s anti-capitalist, government-centered view of what makes small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs thrive is antithetical to the American free enterprise system -- which, incidentally, is the very point former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu was trying (unsuccessfully) to make when he said President Obama needs to learn “how to be an American.

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