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Former GST Steel Worker: Actually, Bain Capital Did Not Act Like “Vampires”

Remember when Team Obama released a deeply dishonest and factually incorrect attack ad criticizing Mitt Romney’s business dealings with the now-bankrupt company GST Steel? Well, here’s the clip in case you missed it:


Now at least Mitt Romney & Co. is firing back. Their latest spot, embedded below, profiles a former GST Steel worker who praises Bain Capital’s professionalism and debunks the central premise of The One’s latest hit job -- that is, Mitt Romney and his colleagues acted like corporate raiders and marauding “vampires” during the negotiations before GST Steel went bankrupt. (H/T The Right Scoop):

The depths to which Team Obama will go to sully his opponent’s reputation seem to know no bounds. The notion that Bain Capital somehow preyed upon and subsequently “sucked the life” out of GST Steel is a gross distortion at best, especially in light of the fact the struggling company sought Bain Capital’s advice. Nevertheless, Mr. Obama and his surrogates went ahead and viciously shredded Mitt Romney’s business record for the sole purpose of scoring cheap political points. (Oh, and lest we forget, the presumptive Republican nominee wasn’t even employed at Bain Capital when the majority of these layoffs took place!) This type of muckraking is truly “nauseating,” to borrow a phrase from the popular and outspoken Democratic Mayor of Newark, New Jersey. And while I’m glad to see Team Romney dispel the flagrant lies propagated by the Obama machine, I hope they’re ready for a long, divisive and bitter campaign.


This is just the beginning.

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