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Romney Releases New Web Ad

This is a smart, effective campaign advertisement that once again uses President Obama’s own words against him.

Isn’t it curious how three simple statistics can perfectly encapsulate the last three dismal years of this administration? Remember, when President Obama was building support for his grossly expensive and failed stimulus package, his economic advisors projected the national unemployment rate would not exceed 8 percent. As of today, however, the national unemployment rate has been higher than 8 percent for 38 straight months and 23 million Americans are underemployed, unemployed or have stopped looking for work. Forward!


But on a more serious note, if President Obama failed to adequately reduce unemployment in his first term – as he said he would – why does he deserve to be reelected? After all, he told Matt Lauer one month after taking the presidential oath of office that if the economy didn’t recover in three years there was going to be a “one term proposition.” Well, it’s been more than three years and millions of Americans are still suffering. And judging by the looks of things, the economy isn’t getting any better, either.

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