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Ah, the ‘new tone’ we’ve all been waiting for…

This isn’t the first time the elite media has tried to associate the Republican Party with the Ku Klux Klan. (Remember when ‘Meet the Press’ host David Gregory made similar comments about the GOP base last fall, for which he later apologized?) In any case, Chris Matthews’ comments yesterday were deeply offensive. And last I checked, while he did walk back his remarks (I reviewed the full transcript), he has yet to publicly apologize for his poor word choice. Go figure.


I suppose the Left’s unrelenting campaign to brand Republican primary voters as overtly racist and anti-science is not unexpected (it is, after all, an election year). But that doesn’t mean Team Romney should let them get away unscathed. It is still disappointing to see the self-appointed gatekeepers of tolerance and civility resort to claims like these. Hopefully, instead of anyone taking Matthews seriously, statements like this one will degrade his credibility with the viewers. Matthews’ stunt last night, in other words, was nothing more than a lame and calculated ploy to disparage Mitt Romney’s credentials and divert attention from the president’s failed economic record. Republicans should keep the emphasis on jobs and the economy – as often as they can – and avoid getting sidetracked by the Left’s distractionary tactics.

(H/T The Right Scoop)

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