Paul Ryan: “You’re Either Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution”

Posted: Mar 27, 2012 10:00 PM

There are few politicians in Congress more willing to stand up and speak candidly to the American people about the impending fiscal crisis headed our way than House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan. If anything, during the House Republican leadership press conference on Tuesday, he reminded reporters that President Obama’s fourth budget plan – which he submitted last month – has failed once again to address the drivers of our debt and put America on a path towards fiscal solvency. What’s worse, Senate Democrats under the leadership of Majority Leader Harry Reid have deliberately refused -- for the third year in a row -- to even introduce a budget. As a member of Congress, Ryan explained, Republicans and Democrats in Washington have a moral – and a legal – responsibility to work together to solve the nation’s budget woes. And failing to do so will not only hurt working Americans, but disproportionately affect those who rely most on government programs – namely, senior citizens and the poor.

With this in mind, it is Congressman Ryan’s hope that House Republicans can pass a budget this week that does not lead America down a path towards fiscal ruin. And while it’s obvious his “Path to Prosperity” economic blueprint will face fierce opposition in the weeks ahead, at least he's starting to get his message across.

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