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Although this video dropped yesterday, it’s certainly well worth watching. In a revealing recent interview with Brent Bozell, Congressman Allen West (R-Fl) explains how he’s dealt with the malicious – and often painful – libelous personal attacks directed at him by the liberal media. According to West, he’s been accused of associating with white supremacist organizations and even selling drugs. These patently false accusations – which evidently were first disseminated by the left when he ran for congress in 2010 – are only some of the ways media outlets have unfairly sullied his name. Nevertheless, despite the challenges he’s faced, West explains the importance of not having “thin skin” and defending conservative values no matter the personal cost.


“You know, we have a saying in the military: You don’t receive flak unless you’re over the target," he said. "I think that too often on the Republican side of the House – and it goes back to when George Bush coined the phrase “compassionate conservatism” – we can’t be like them. And so we might as well stand for the principles that make us unique and make this country exceptional and be willing to take the flak from them…because when you start to water down your message, when you start to say I can maybe get the other side to really like me, then you get yourself in trouble…and their going to hate you anyway.”

Via NewsBusters:

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