CNN Asks Jim Jordan if Trump Should Concede

Posted: Dec 08, 2020 10:40 AM
CNN Asks Jim Jordan if Trump Should Concede

Source: Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool Photo via AP

No matter how hard some media are trying to get them to capitulate, President Trump's congressional supporters aren't giving up in the election 2020 fight. CNN's Manu Raju confronted Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) about whether or not President Trump should concede the presidential election next Monday, once the electors meet to vote. He gave the most direct answer he could.

Rep. Jordan's response is similar to how Sen. Ron Johnson (R-TX) replied when asked if he was going to congratulate Joe Biden. No, he said. Because he has "nothing" to congratulate him about.

And when Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN) appeared on ABC's "This Week" with George Stephanopoulos on Sunday, he explained to the anchor that there's still plenty of potential voter fraud in key states to analyze. And they should pursue those cases because there's a risk of tainting future elections.

"I think when you say there's nothing there, you're going to have half of the country uncertain about what just happened, and disgruntled going into the future," he warned.

In their write up on their exchange with Rep. Jordan, CNN couldn't believe that conservatives were still questioning the results.

"It is not unusual for a losing candidate's most fervent supporters to take their case to the House floor - something that occurred after the 2016, 2004 and 2000 presidential races," they write. "But it is unusual for the losing candidate to mount a weeks-long public campaign aimed at sowing discord and distrust over a pillar of democracy, something that Trump has done relentlessly since losing the race."

Funny they should say that. They seem to forget that Hillary Clinton questioned the results of the 2016 election. 

Still media outlets are demanding that Republicans fall in line and congratulate Joe Biden.