Madison Cawthorn's Opponent Tweeted an Awful, Violent Message Last Year

Posted: Sep 09, 2020 2:05 PM
Madison Cawthorn's Opponent Tweeted an Awful, Violent Message Last Year

Source: Screenshot via C-SPAN

Madison Cawthorn, the young conservative whose star has been rising in recent weeks, is facing off against Moe Davis in North Carolina's 11th congressional district. Davis is a 62-year-old attorney and retired U.S. Air Force colonel, who apparently has a temper.

In a recent debate between the two men hosted by Blue Ridge Public Radio and Smoky Mountain News, panelist Pete Kaliner confronted Davis about a string of profane messages he's tweeted over the past several months, including this one from last September 11, where he encouraged violence against the GOP.

*Warning: graphic language*

He's also called Cawthorn a white supremacist.

Davis has shared just as vile remarks when talking about President Trump, First Lady Melania Trump and their supporters.

"You've got to be a 100% purebred worthless scumbag asshole to do a grinning photo doing a thumbs up while your foreign-born nude model 3rd wife holds the baby of 2 parents who were slaughtered by another asshole who was carrying out your racist a**hole agenda!"

Davis says he considers Trump rallies "Klan rallies," and "Make America Great Again" hats as the "new KKK hoods."

Cawthorn simply used Davis's own violent words in a new campaign message, reminding Davis that he has literally had his spine snapped. When he was younger, he was in a car accident that left him partially paralyzed.