Mark Cuban Had a Surprise Caller During Fox News Interview

Posted: Mar 26, 2020 5:00 PM
Mark Cuban Had a Surprise Caller During Fox News Interview

Source: AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

With so many TV interviews now being conducted via satellite in the era of the coronavirus, we've had some entertaining and unexpected moments occur. For example, cats have been jumping in front of computer screens. But what happened during billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban's interview with Fox News anchor Dana Perino on Thursday may take the cake.

The Dallas Mavericks owner had just got done explaining that he's going to retain all his company employees during this pandemic because "he can afford to take the hit," when he got a Skype call. And it was from someone pretty important.

As was plain to see to the viewers, that call was from Robert Wolf, former Chairman and CEO of UBS Americas and the president and Chief Operating Officer of UBS Investment Bank.

An amused Perino laughed and said, "It looked like he might be getting a call there, looked like it might have been from somebody very important."

Cuban apparently took the call, because he was no longer available.

Earlier this week, Cuban called it "unconscionable" that Congress had yet to finalize a deal to help relieve the struggle American worker, and he blamed both sides of the aisle. The businesses he's spoken with, he admitted, are terrified.

"We don't need a perfect deal," he told CNN's Anderson Cooper. "We need a done deal."

On Wednesday night the Senate voted to pass Phase Three of the coronavirus relief effort. The House plans to take it up on Friday.