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AP Photo/John Locher

Most viewers agree that Joe Biden's nasty confrontation with an auto plant worker in Michigan on Tuesday was bad PR. The voter stopped Biden and accused him of trampling on the Second Amendment, to which Biden replied, "You're full of s**t!" He threw in some finger pointing and incorrectly called AR-15s, "AR-14s." 


The exchange may as well have been scripted in the SNL writer's room.

But David Frum, a political commentator and former George W. Bush speechwriter, considered the confrontation as less as a problem and more as a presidential moment.

Others tweeted #GoodforJoe because they were apparently glad to see him so forcefully take on the gun lobby.


"Good for Joe" is trending," wrote Christopher Hale. "I'm glad @JoeBiden stands up to the NRA's nonsense. He's been doing it his entire career."

But from the looks of it most people are siding with the bold, gun-owning auto plant worker. After all, consider who Biden appointed as his gun guru.

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