Klobuchar Pressed About that 'Questionable Evidence' in Case Where She Prosecuted a Teen

Posted: Feb 02, 2020 2:30 PM
Klobuchar Pressed About that 'Questionable Evidence' in Case Where She Prosecuted a Teen

Source: AP Photo/David J. Phillip

Amy Klobuchar denied reports that her campaign will be coordinating with the Biden team during Monday's Iowa Caucuses. The New York Times reported that the two teams had at least been discussing a plan that would involve a pledge to help each other in precincts where one of them does not have enough support to win delegates. There are several precincts in which both candidates are below the 15 percent threshold needed to reach the second ballot and have the opportunity to pick up delegates. In those precincts where one or the other falls short, rumor had it that one would put their candidates in the other's camp so that they can get the benefit.

Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace asked Klobuchar if any part of that report was true.

The senator noted that the Biden camp had approached someone who is affiliated with her campaign some evening in Des Moines, but the individual was not a member of her staff. 

"He said no, we said no. There is no deal," she said.

Wallace noted that Klobuchar is expected to do pretty well in Iowa, considering it borders Minnesota and she's had a late surge in the state. But, he asked, what if she doesn't finish in the top three? If she doesn't fare well in Iowa - where she's popular - does she really have a path forward?

"I'm going to New Hampshire no matter what," she insisted.

Wallace kept Klobuchar on air a little longer to ask her about a recent controversy. Last week it was reported that Klobuchar helped put a teenager behind bars based on questionable evidence and testimony. She was the Hennepin County attorney during the case involving the death of 11-year-old Tyesha Edwards, who was killed after a bullet went through a window while she was doing homework. Klobuchar has even mentioned the incident during debates. The Minneapolis NAACP has called on Klobuchar to suspend her campaign and reopen the investigation because the case against the convicted teen, Myon Burrell, was just too flimsy.

"My view is that if there is new evidence it must come forward," Klobuchar replied to the reports.

Wallace pressed Klobuchar whether or not she knew about this questionable evidence. He added that she can't possibly win the Democratic nomination while she's polling at only .05 percent with the African American community.

"No I didn't know about this new evidence until I saw this report," she explained. I couldn't have I haven't been in the office for 12 years."