Exclusive 'No Safe Spaces' Clip Highlights Attacks at Berkeley

Posted: Jan 02, 2020 2:15 PM

"No Safe Spaces" is being re-released in 70 theaters across America this Friday. The documentary, driven by hosts Dennis Prager and Adam Carolla, captures several instances of intolerance against conservatives on college campuses. As you can see, some of those confrontations have been violent.

Terrifying violence on college campuses across America. Students lashing out at any speaker brave enough to say something they disagree with. Precious snowflakes demanding "Safe Spaces" to protect them from any idea they haven't heard from their liberal professors. In No Safe Spaces, Dennis Prager and Adam Carolla expose the attack on free speech and free thought. It began in the universities, but - fair warning - it's coming to your neighborhood and your workplace. (No Safe Spaces)

Townhall obtained an exclusive clip, "Attacked at Berkeley" that captures two instances of hateful attacks against conservative activists.

Hayden Williams, a Turning Point USA activist on the UC Berkeley campus, filmed a young man lashing out at him for distributing conservative literature, alleging that he was "encouraging violence."  The offended young man upended their display table.

In another incident, a male was on camera punching a conservative activist in the face.

Campus bias against conservatives goes for speakers too. How many times have we seen a school schedule a conservative speaker and that individual is eventually pressured to bow out of the appearance because it caused an uproar on the campus. Anyone from author Ben Shapiro to former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice have been subject to those shameful and yes, snowflake, protests. 

Even President Obama has told kids to toughen up and at least listen to those who disagree with them.

"The world is messy," he said at an Obama Foundation event. "There are ambiguities. People who do really good stuff have flaws. People who you are fighting may love their kids. And share certain things with you.”

Sarah reviewed "No Safe Spaces" for us in November, where she regretted how colleges have devolved from "a laboratory of the free exchange of ideas to the prison yard shuttering open minds."