Conservatives Cruising to Historic Win, Labour Blames Their Leader

Posted: Dec 12, 2019 6:11 PM
Conservatives Cruising to Historic Win, Labour Blames Their Leader

Source: AP Photo/Frank Augstein

UPDATE: Courtesy of CNN International:


Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservative Party has maintained the majority in the United Kingdom's third general election in the past five years, exit polls find. That means he will still in the driver's seat to deliver on Brexit and take the UK out of the European Union, three years on from when Brits voted to leave.

Had Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party prevailed, he would have likely insisted on a second referendum.

Brexit derailed the prime ministership of Johnson's predecessor Theresa May, whose negotiation with Brussels failed in Parliament a historic three times.

As the results continue to trickle in, Labour candidates and supporters have begun to lay the blame on one man: Jeremy Corbyn.

And this, from The Guardian:

"Ian Murray, who again may end up the only Labour MP in Scotland, has told Jeremy Corbyn to consider resignation, saying Labour lost the election because it had ignored the voters 'and delivered the most rightwing Conservative prime minister this country has ever seen.'”

Recent polling has revealed just how unpopular Corbyn truly is.