Diamond and Silk Announce Their Latest Major Project

Posted: Dec 05, 2019 12:30 PM

Two of President Trump's most popular supporters, YouTube stars and Fox Nation personalities Diamond and Silk, have just signed a major book deal with Regnery Publishing, a fellow Salem Media affiliate.

"Coming on the threshold of what promises to be the most acrimonious presidential election in American history, Diamond and Silk’s book will be a rallying cry for tens of millions of Americans who are tired of being told what to think and whom to vote for," a Regnery press release reads. "Diamond and Silk’s story is one of overcoming poverty and shame and choosing victory over victimhood. Theirs is a story that defies the Left’s narrative and that the mainstream media refuses to acknowledge, accept, and respect."

The sisters, otherwise known as Lynnette Diamond Hardaway and Rochelle Silk Richardson, are rock stars in the conservative movement. It was four years ago now that they famously criticized former Fox News host Megyn Kelly and her pointed question for Trump during a presidential debate. It's still one of their most popular videos

There were more viral moments where that came from. The sisters' unique humor is a hit on social media. In their postings, they take on both liberal leaders and establishment Republicans. For instance, when now-Sen. Mitt Romney delivered a speech in the latter stages of the 2016 election urging voters to reject Donald Trump, Diamond and Silk recorded a hilarious reaction video to his "Dumb Ass Speech." You can check their social media sites to see which other politicians made it into their "Bowl of Stupid."

Their reaction to all these impeachment hearings is also highly entertaining.

But, the sisters have also spent some time explaining why they support the president's agenda, in particular, his plans for immigration, which they say puts Americans first. They're looking forward to putting some of their zingers and opinions on paper.

“We are humbled by the opportunity to write a book for such a time as this,” Diamond and Silk said. “We hope it gives voice to the voiceless, remembers the forgotten, and redeems the irredeemable.  From the shadows of darkness to the light of truth, we will walk you through our personal journey, from the bottom to the uprising.” 

“Diamond and Silk are such a dynamic force and have made an important contribution to our current national conversation with both style and substance,” said Regnery President Marji Ross. “We are thrilled to be publishing their very first book project.”

In their official announcement video on Thursday, Diamond and Silk previewed what to expect in the pages of their new project. They'll be "telling their side of the story," which includes correcting many false "narcissistic" media narratives.

Their book will be released in August 2020. You can go to DiamondandSilkBook.com for more information.