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Pelosi, Schiff Hold Presser After Threatening to Subpoena White House

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

UPDATE: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said "the dark times have found us" at a Capitol Hill press conference Wednesday morning. It is "a time of urgency," she added, because the president is threatening the Constitution. 


Here's what the RNC thought about that.

Last month, Pelosi introduced an impeachment inquiry against Trump following a whistleblower complaint accusing the president of asking Ukraine to find dirt on Joe Biden, or they can forget about military aid. In other words, quid pro quo. When the phone transcript came out, however, it showed no evidence that Trump threatened President Zelensky.

Chairman Adam Schiff added that they are "deeply concerned" by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's apparent attempt to interfere in witness testimony during their impeachment inquiry. Any attempt to interfere in the process will be considered "an obstruction," he said.

Schiff also added that they are cooperating very closely with House Oversight Committee Chairman Eli Cummings about their new subpoena for the White House. 

Any attempt by the White House to conceal information related to Trump’s attempt to "coerce" Zelensky to find dirt on Biden "will be strengthening" the Democrats' case on obstruction of justice, Schiff argued.


Despite the Democrats' impeachment proceedings, Pelosi said she hopes the president will still work with them on lowering the cost of prescription drugs and trade.

“We’re trying to find common ground with the president,” she said.

"The ball is in his court," she insisted.


House Democrats have threatened to subpoena the White House for documents related to the Ukraine controversy. They want the materials by Friday.

“Over the past several weeks, the Committees tried several times to obtain voluntary compliance with our requests for documents, but the White House has refused to engage with — or even respond to — the Committees," House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-MD) said in a letter to his committee members.

Democrats launched an impeachment inquiry against President Trump last month following the release of a whistleblower complaint accusing him of asking Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to interfere in U.S. elections. According to the whistleblower, Trump wanted Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden and his ties to Ukraine. The phone transcript showed that Trump did ask about Biden, but there was no evidence of quid pro quo as initially reported. In a press conference, Zelensky said "nobody pushed" him to do anything.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff will hold a presser Wednesday morning following the subpoena threat.

GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy offered the Republican retort, accusing Schiff of launching a false and "desperate" campaign. McCarthy reminded us that in last week's intelligence hearing, Schiff parodied parts of Trump's phone call with Zelensky to try and incriminate him. 

House Freedom Caucus Chair Andy Biggs (R-AZ) introduced the censure resolution against Schiff.

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