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THIRD Instance of Trudeau in Brownface or Blackface Surfaces

AP Photo/Aaron Favila

A photo of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in brownface swept the internet Wednesday night. Then, we got a second photo of the leader in blackface back in high school.


He promised there were no more. 

It appears that he lied.

Global News has just shared an exclusive video it obtained showing the prime minister donned in racist makeup yet again. The image is blurry, but you can see Trudeau waving his arms in the air and sticking his tongue out.

A senior member of the Liberal campaign confirmed it was Trudeau early Thursday morning but would not comment further, Global News explains.

The first controversial photo that appeared on Tuesday showed Trudeau with a painted brown face at an “Arabian Nights” party held by the West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver in 2001. He was teaching at the private school. 


The second picture featured him in blackface at a high school talent show, where he performed the song, "Day-O."

He admitted to both instances.

"I dressed up in an Aladdin costume and put makeup on," Trudeau told reporters. "I shouldn't have done that."

Now we await comment on No. 3.

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