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Jake Tapper: No, Rep. Tlaib, I Didn't Say That About Palestinians

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

CNN host Jake Tapper made a point on his "State of the Union" show on Sunday. If leftists are accusing President Trump of stoking violence like the tragic shootings we saw in El Paso and Dayton, then can't the same accusation be made against Arab leaders whose rhetoric could be connected to terror attacks in the Middle East?


Tapper specifically referenced a Palestinian suicide bombing that killed multiple people, including a young Israel girl in a pizza shop, and asked whether or not Arab leaders' words would be at all to blame for the violence. Pro-Palestinian leaders were offended by the comment.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), one-fourth of "The Squad" in Congress, agreed with Saeed and shared her disappointment in Tapper.

Tapper had no clue what they were going on about. As he explained, he was trying to make a larger point about how dangerous it is to point fingers at politicians and their rhetoric for violence, instead of the assailants themselves.


Tapper is also probably not a favorite of Tlaib's and her supporters because he recently confronted her about her support of the BDS movement, which promotes the boycott of Israeli goods and services. Tlaib insists her support of the campaign is her way of protesting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's "racist policies." If that's true, Tapper wondered, then why won't she protest other governments? Like, for instance, Egypt?

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