Sanders Campaign Hits Back at MSNBC Analyst Who Insulted Him in New Ad

Posted: Jul 26, 2019 11:05 AM

Lately, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has found himself feuding with MSNBC more than his presidential opponents. And rightfully so. MSBNC analyst Mimi Rocah, a former assistant U.S attorney for the Southern District of New York, said that Sanders makes her "skin crawl." She tried to put her finger on it this week during an appearance on "Up with David Gura." 

“Bernie Sanders makes my skin crawl,” Rocah said. “I can’t even identify for you what exactly it is. But I see him as sort of a not pro-woman candidate."

Instead of getting bitter, Sanders quotes her in his latest campaign ad and lets Nina Turner, the national co-chair of his campaign, offer a response. She notes how Rocah couldn't give an explanation for her sentiments, before explaining how feminists like Gloria Steinem have supported Sen. Sanders and his agenda. The ad also features a range of diverse women explaining why Sanders's ambitious Medicare for All plan and debt cancellation policies are inherently "pro-woman."

Watch the bold TV spot below.

"Sen. Sanders is as pro-woman as they get," Turner concluded.

The Daily Beast published an explainer on the feud between MSNBC and Sanders's campaign. The latter has often accused the network of failing to fact check its guests and contributors.

“More often than not these commentators are injecting their opinion without any policy discussions,” said Turner. “They’re not there to tell the gospel truth.”

Sanders is no stranger to being unpopular with the mainstream media. In 2016, it was all too obvious that Hillary Clinton was the chosen one of the liberal media and the Democratic Party.