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Kellyanne: Where Is the Hillary Clinton Center for Women and Girls?

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is still claiming that the 2016 election was "stolen" from her. Successful campaign manager Kellyanne Conway is urging her to move on, first by realizing that the blame for her loss lies with her and her alone.


"We got 304 electoral votes under her nose," Conway recalled during a radio interview with host Hugh Hewitt on Tuesday. "She knows she lost the election fairly and squarely."

The real story, Conway explained, was that Clinton was "an overestimated, underwhelming candidate who had this unbelievable fierce inability to connect with Americans."

Yet, two and a half years later, Clinton is "playing a dangerous game" claiming that forces worked to steal the election. She's blamed FBI Director James Comey, sexism, misogyny, among other things.

Conway reminded Clinton how outraged she supposedly was during a presidential debate with Trump when the candidates were asked if they'd accept the election results. Trump said, "we'll see," and Clinton freaked. Her reaction, Hewitt noted, "didn't age well."

Clinton is a former first lady, senator, and secretary of state. Why isn't somebody with her kind of platform out there doing some real good, instead of wallowing in self pity?


"Where is her Hillary Clinton Center for Girls and Women?" Conway wondered. "Why isn't she abroad helping girls all across the world?" 

As First Lady, Clinton was considered a women's rights champion. In a speech at the UN in 1995, she declared, "women's rights are human rights."

She also wondered aloud where all of Clinton's speech money went. Conway invited Clinton to give her a call at the White House when she's done "talking about herself" so they can work on the issues of the day on behalf of Americans.

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