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CNN Panel: Barr Repeating 'No Collusion' So Often Was Very 'Suspicious'

Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Invision/AP

President Trump got his wish with Attorney General William Barr, according to some media that reacted to Barr's Thursday morning press conference about the Robert Mueller report. Networks like CNN and MSNBC claimed that Barr is acting as Trump's protector, even to the point where he was repeating the president's talking points.


"The word 'collusion,' a lawyer doesn't use that term," said MSNBC guest Neal Katyal. "There is no crime of collusion. Only Trump uses that term."

In his remarks, Barr repeatedly emphasized that Trump did not collude with Russia during the 2016 presidential election. Trump and his supporters say well, that's it - no collusion means we can stop talking about this Mueller report.

Not so fast, according to a CNN panel, which was moderated by Jake Tapper. Tapper noted that while Americans "should be happy" our president did not conspire with the Kremlin, Barr's repeating that fact six or seven times was rather "obsessive."

CNN legal analyst Laura Coates took it to the next level by noting it was "suspicious."

It was a similar scene at MSNBC, where guests were lamenting how they once considered Barr a "principled institutionalist."


What we didn't hear was remorse or accountability over their two years of misleading narrative in which they reported Russian collusion as fact.

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