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WOW: The Cross Is Still Standing in Notre Dame

AP Photo/Lori Hinant

The Notre Dame cathedral, one of the most iconic structures in Paris, will never be the same, having largely succumbed to an out of control fire Monday evening. The spire was the first thing to collapse, followed by the entire roof. 


Yet, the first photos capturing the inside of the 850-year-old cathedral revealed an incredible sight. The cross is still standing.

In fact, most of the interior appears to have been preserved. Un miracle incroyable.


Notre Dame's bell tower and main structure have also reportedly been spared.

There have been other inspiring sights on the streets of Paris tonight, including the moment a group of bystanders broke out in song and prayer.

French President Emmanuel Macron was somber, yet steadfast in his speech tonight outside the cathedral. He vowed that France would rebuild Notre Dame because it's their "destiny." The leader announced an international fundraising campaign to help with the effort.

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