Jeffrey Toobin Still Unhinged, Accuses Fox News of Running the DOJ

Posted: Apr 11, 2019 9:50 AM
Jeffrey Toobin Still Unhinged, Accuses Fox News of Running the DOJ

CNN chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin's analysis of recent events has been pretty spotty.

In a guest spot on "New Day" earlier this week to discuss the departure of DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, Toobin asserted that Nielsen will be remembered as the woman who "who put children in cages."

"She's going to get what she deserves," he predicted.

Nevermind that the policy of separating families existed long before Nielsen had stepped foot in the DHS, Toobin had decided Nielsen deserved all the blame and proceeded to assassinate her character. 

CNN invited Toobin back on Thursday to offer some perspective on Robert Mueller's now concluded Russia investigation. Specifically, it wanted his opinion on Attorney General William Barr's recent congressional testimony. Before the segment, CNN played the exchange in which Barr was asked whether he agreed with President Trump that the Mueller probe was a "witch hunt." The witness did not offer a "yes" or "no" answer.

He's adopting the conspiratorial language of the president, as well as that of Fox News, Toobin asserted.

“He's obviously been watching a lot of Fox since he became a private citizen,” Toobin said. “He’s adopting their language and characterization of the department he now heads.”

Then he offered this whopper: 

“Fox News is in charge of the Justice Department.”

Elsewhere on the network, CNN host Don Lemon also concluded that Barr is doing Trump's "dirty work."

During testimony this week, Barr also noted that he has reason to believe the FBI spied on the Trump campaign in 2016 and that the DOJ was investigating how the agency obtained the FISA warrant with an uncorroborated dossier.

As they discussed the matter, CNN added one of its now infamous sarcastic chyrons: "Barr (without proof) 'Spying Did Occur' on Trump Campaign."