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Popular Conservative Pundit Bre Payton Dies Suddenly at 26

The conservative media world was shocked this Friday when one of the movement's most beloved writers and pundits, Bre Payton, died suddenly at the age of 26. Payton was a staff writer for The Federalist and a frequent contributor on Fox News. Her friend, Morgan Murtaugh, shared an urgent message Friday morning explaining that she had found Payton unconscious and rushed her to the hospital, where she remained in a coma. It seemed Payton had contracted the swine flu and meningitis. Just a few hours later, Murtaugh shared the devastating news.


Her friends, including those in the media industry, remember her as a sweet soul and a fearless voice for the conservative movement.


Bre was fantastic at mixing sass with witty and knowledgable arguments. Here's just one example.

To read more about Bre's impact and how she "brightened the lives of everyone around her," please read The Federalist's beautiful tribute.

We join others in sending thoughts and prayers to Bre's family. A Scholarship Fund has been created in her name. 


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