WATCH: Jeremy Corbyn Mouths 'Stupid Woman' to PM May in Parliament

Posted: Dec 19, 2018 10:00 AM
WATCH: Jeremy Corbyn Mouths 'Stupid Woman' to PM May in Parliament

We knew Prime Minister Theresa May was going to receive at the very least a chilly reception at Parliament following the vote of no confidence her party took in her last week. She won the vote, but it seemed little more than an empty victory. More and more she's had to acknowledge the vast amount of support she's lost for her lackluster negotiations for Brexit. The plan she came back with from Brussels did little to appease Conservatives who say they'll still be tied to closely to the European Union. As for the Labour Party, they are condemning the PM for her lack of leadership.

Still, did this latest insult from Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn go too far? At the latest round of Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons, Corbyn listened as May mocked him for his flip flopping on whether or not to hold a vote of confidence and was afterward caught mouthing the words, "stupid woman."

Here was the exchange.

The reaction to Corbyn's insult has been mixed. Some say it was "disgraceful," while his supporters say it was nothing compared to how May and the Conservatives have upended Britain and failed to come up with a plan for leaving the EU.

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In other recent PMQs, May and Corbyn have traded jabs about their approaches to Brexit. May insisted that her plan is the best one, while Corbyn noted it's the only one.

At least she has one, she quipped back.