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Orrin Hatch Not Happy With How Media Are Reporting on Betsy DeVos Security Detail

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos unveiled new Title IX rules Friday which offer more due process protection for persons accused of sexual harassment. The rule changes, in part, narrow the definition of sexual misconduct and require alleged victims to provide a higher standard of evidence. The incident must also be reported to certain officials, and it must have occurred on campus.


Groups critical of the move, like the ACLU, say the proposed changes will "make schools less safe for survivors of sexual assault and harassment" and further discourage victims from reporting crimes.

Some people are so opposed to the Title IX announcement that they are threatening DeVos. The threats are so serious that she now needs 24/7 security from the U.S. Marshals Service. It's a frightening thing, but some media are choosing to focus on the cost of the added security, as opposed to the necessity of it.

"The cost of security provided to DeVos was $5.3 million in fiscal year 2017 and $6.8 million for fiscal year 2018, according to the Marshals Service — an amount that is ultimately reimbursed by the Education Department," NBC News reported Friday. "The estimated cost for fiscal year 2019 is $7.74 million."


As the NBC piece notes, DeVos's two immediate predecessors did not need the additional security. However, they were also not blocked from entering buildings, nor called rape apologists.

Hatch used the word "interesting" to define the media narrative.

Security is not cheap, but, as Hatch notes, it is the price that apparently comes with DeVos doing her job.


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