WATCH: A Fired Up Chairman Grassley Explains to the Press How Biased They Are

Posted: Oct 04, 2018 3:18 PM

Senate Judiciary Committee Chuck Grassley has had it. After weeks of biased reporting against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, he had his opportunity to look reporters in the face Thursday and shame them for their one sidedness.

"I would never use the word 'fake news,'" Grassley explained. "I consider you folks policemen for our democratic system of government. But I want to show you where some of you have bias."

Grassley explained that demonstrators on both sides of the debate have been in his office for the past few weeks. Both sets of activists wanted to talk to the press, but Grassley recalled one day when the press on hand only wanted to speak to those who oppose Kavanaugh. The reporters were only interested in interviewing people against Kavanaugh. "That's a bias that none of you should be proud of!"

The press was shook.

"This person is very well-qualified— a person who believes in the principles of due process, the presumption of innocence and readiness to serve are recognized," Grassley said. "So, Judge Kavanaugh should be confirmed on Saturday."