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GOP strategist Rick Wilson got a little too animated for MSNBC producers Monday during a discussion on President Trump. Wilson is one of the president's most outspoken Republican critics, even writing a book called, Everything Trump Touches Dies. MSNBC had him on to chat a bit about Trump's supposedly cowardly fanbase.


The conversation started off with Wilson sounding off on Republicans who love Trump because he gives them a chance to finally express the hate in their hearts.

“They love the fact that Donald Trump finally gives them this sort of id of the Republican Party,” Wilson said. “They’re finally given permission to say the ugly things they kind of wanted in their secret hearts for a long time, and the monster got out of its cage in terms of a lot of the populist messaging that worked to motivate Republican primary voters for a long time.”

All of a sudden, his mic was cut off. For the next seven seconds, Wilson was talking, but there was no sound. (start watching at 4:45)

Viewers were confused by the delay, but got their answer on Twitter. (warning: graphic language)

A stunned Mika Brzezinski asked her guest if he was seriously saying those things on live TV.

“I wasn’t trying to,” Wilson said. “These guys call us and they express this unbelievable, this disgust with Trump. They’re not all bought into this."

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