Did Troy Balderson Just 'Write Off a Third of the Electorate' in His Ohio Race?

Posted: Aug 07, 2018 11:00 AM
Did Troy Balderson Just 'Write Off a Third of the Electorate' in His Ohio Race?

Critics say that Republican Troy Balderson made an unforgivable gaffe at his last campaign stop Monday night. Someone captured the moment on video when the candidate urged supporters in Zanesville, Ohio to get out and vote on Tuesday because “we don’t want someone from Franklin County representing us.”

CNN senior writer and analyst Harry Enten said this was the definition of gaffe. 

"You don't write off people," Enten said. "The pressure got to him."

If it truly was a gaffe, it comes at an unfortunate time. The race to represent Ohio's 12th congressional district is extremely tight. The latest polling shows Balderson with 44 percent of the vote, and Democrat Danny O'Connor at 43 percent. Media suggest this is a bellwether election, especially because a usually safe Republican district. Is this a wakeup call for Republicans, CNN's Poppy Harlow asked Rep. Warren Davidson (R-OH).

The congressman said that what the polls show is passion among the electorate.

"People don't vote in Ohio," he said, particularly in the summer months. Since turnout is really low, tonight will  be "a test of who can get out the vote."

Harlow asked Davidson about Balderson's Franklin County remark and whether he was "writing off a third of the electorate." 

"You're better off to multiply your allies," Davidson noted. Yet, the representative suggested Balderson's comment was less about demographics and more about the fact that the majority of O'Connor's support is from Franklin County.

President Trump campaigned with Balderson over the weekend, telling voters that he would “fight for Ohio.” He added a tweet for good measure.

Polls close in Ohio at 7:30 p.m. ET. Follow Townhall for the latest updates.