CNN Analyst: Female Teachers Can't Conceal Carry Because They Wear Dresses

Posted: Feb 27, 2018 4:30 PM

We've heard a whole range of reasons for why individuals are opposed to arming trained teachers in schools after President Trump suggested it as a way to stop would be school shooters. Some of those explanations have been a bit more irrational than others. For instance, Matt reported on MSNBC anchor Lawrence O'Donnell suggesting handgun bullets simply don't move fast enough to stop a gunman.

We now have this hot take from CNN Senior Law Enforcement Analyst Tom Fuentes, who argued Monday that women can't conceal carry because it would not work with their wardrobes. He used Sandy Hook Elementary, where 20 children and six adults were slain in 2012, as an example.

“Sandy Hook had an all-female faculty, from principal to teachers,” Fuentes said. “For a woman, where are you going to hide that gun during the day?”

"You can't put it in your desk drawer," he continued. "If you wear a dress, if you wear a skirt, you're going to have to wear a jacket every day, with a belt and a holster the way a detective on duty would do."

Female gun owners responded to Fuentes's "sexist" comments, informing him that there are other pieces of apparel in their closets than dresses and skirts. 

Meanwhile, YouTube users informed Fuentes that the millions of women who have long had their concealed carry permits are by now well adept on how to use them.

"There are multiple holster options for women wearing dresses, but I would not expect someone who is obviously anti-gun to know this," one YouTube commenter wrote. "Also, do you think that a female teacher that chooses to be armed might decide to wear clothing that allows for more easily concealed carry? Or does he not think women are intelligent enough to make those decisions and only know how to wear dresses?"

And this comment from a YouTube user aptly named, concealcarrygirl.

"How mighty sexist of you!" she wrote. "My whole channel is about showing women how to conceal in any outfit, including dresses!  You'd be surprised just how many women are walking around with a gun on their person.  What a moron.?"