MSNBC Host: Handgun Bullets Are Ineffective In Stopping School Shooters Because They're Too Slow

Posted: Feb 26, 2018 3:00 PM
MSNBC Host: Handgun Bullets Are Ineffective In Stopping School Shooters Because They're Too Slow

UPDATE: Folks, I’ll just leave this here. It’s from Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) linking to a Rolling Stone article, so you already know where this is going. 

“A handgun wound is simply a stabbing with a bullet.” 

What is this?


Talk about a facepalm moment. Is it the media’s stupidity or stacking sandbags because they know this National Rifle Association initiative could gain traction? You decide. The NRA wants more armed guards in schools. Teachers should be allowed to carry as well. After the tragic Sandy Hook shooting, the school board voted to approve this proposal. This is not an alien concept. A lot of schools have resource officers; Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the site of the most recent school shooting on February 14, had such officers. They failed to engage the shooter, Nikolas Cruz. Scores of teachers in Ohio are signing up for gun training courses to obtain their concealed carry permits. So, since the NRA is akin to ISIS in the minds of the liberal media, what do you do? Well, if you’re MSNBC, apparently it’s to make the argument that handguns aren’t effective in stopping shooters, who are armed with rifles, because the bullets from pistols are too slow.  I will repeat that: handgun ammunition travels so slow that its ineffective at stopping someone armed with a rifle (via Daily Caller):

MSNBC anchors are claiming that teachers armed with handguns would be unable to stop a school shooter because rifles shoot “three times faster.”

Anchor Lawrence O’Donnell said on his show Thursday night that “a bullet fired from an AR-15 travels 3x faster than one from a handgun…and yet the president and the NRA think giving teachers guns will stop a school shooter.”

Yeah, there is a difference, but we’re talking tenths of a second here. Also, veteran J.R. Salzman seemed confused with this narrative: didn’t two Capitol Police officers stop a shooter from assassinating scores of Republicans in Alexandria as they were practicing for the annual congressional baseball game? Uh, yeah—they did. They confronted the shooter, they engaged him; he turned out to be a Bernie Sanders supporter, and they neutralized the threat. House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) was almost killed in the attack. 

This is the reason why the media will always lose the Second Amendment fight. Millions of Americans own firearms. They know the caliber, they know its capabilities, and they also know what the proper terminology is (i.e. automatic vs. semiautomatic). I’m not talking super technical gunsmith jargon, just basic details about the gun. They know what they have and the media’s pervasive failure to learn what they’re talking about will never allow them to win over Americans they need to change the nature of gun politics. That’s because the alternative floated by the Left is straight up gun confiscation, evisceration of the Second Amendment, and the stripping of American civil rights. That’s also another reason why they’ll never win. We know their game. It’s this type of trash peddled by MSNBC that makes for great entertainment.