Did the PA Supreme Court Just Make it Easier for Dems to Win in the Midterms?

Posted: Feb 20, 2018 11:30 AM
Did the PA Supreme Court Just Make it Easier for Dems to Win in the Midterms?

An important swing state may have just swung in Democrats' favor. Although Republicans hold 13 House seats in Pennsylvania to Democrats' five, a new ruling from the state supreme court appears to give the Democrats a favorable new congressional map.

Wasserman broke down a few changes that may prove to be most worrisome for the GOP. For instance, Rep. Patrick Meehan's (R) open seat becomes "safe Democrat," and Rep. Charlie Dent's (R) seat becomes a Clinton district, as does Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick's (R) seat in Bucks County.

Overall, Wasserman predicted, Democrats have a "good chance" to emerge victorious in nearly a dozen districts.

CNN analysts made the same conclusion.

The new maps appear more compact and suburban than the existing district boundaries and an alternative that state legislative Republicans had submitted -- and one of those districts is now made up of just Montgomery County, a Democratic stronghold that the GOP had proposed dividing heavily.

"The balance appears all but certain to tip in Democrats' direction," CNN adds.

Others, however, are saying the court was simply restoring a fair playing field. Republican lawmakers, they charged, had gerrymandered the 18 districts in the Keystone State to increase their chances of success, even in years that Democrats won the statewide popular vote. 

President Trump is not a fan of the new map and encouraged Republicans to challenge it in court.

By all indications, they plan to do just that. Earlier this month, Republicans charged that it is the state legislature’s duty to draw congressional maps, not the state supreme court.

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