Gingrich Predicts Good Year for Republicans

Posted: Dec 29, 2017 5:00 PM
Gingrich Predicts Good Year for Republicans

"The media is deceiving itself," Newt Gingrich wrote in a new column for Fox News. 

The press seems to be in endless competition with one another over who can publish the worst reports about the Republican tax reform plan. It will hurt the middle class and it is too beneficial for corporations, are just a couple of the headlines you've undoubtedly seen in the past week.

It is just a glimpse of the bias we've come to expect from the mainstream media, Gingrich writes, and it's why they are going to be shocked by the red wave to come in next year's midterm elections.

As I listened to the end of the year "analysts," I was struck by how little they know, how little they have questioned their own mistakes, and how mutually reinforcing their false information has been.

These are not analysts. These are liberal propagandists. Much of what they assert is just plain wrong. Fake news is, sadly, an accurate term. And the topic about which they have been the most fake is the GOP’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

The legislation passed, and the sky didn't fall. Quite the contrary. Minutes, hours and days after the bill was voted upon, companies across the country announced salary increases and bonuses for their employees. Boeing, Fifth Third Comcast, Wells Fargo, AT&T are expanding business or awarding employees with higher wages, while CVS is hiring thousands of new workers. By the way, the majority of Americans can expect a tax cut. Not exactly the "Armageddon" politicians like Nancy Pelosi predicted.

Gingrich believes all the good news to come out of the tax plan will have at least three positive consequences for the GOP come the midterms.

1. The American people will be positively surprised and pleased by the degree to which Republicans kept their word and actually put more money in taxpayer pockets. After 10 months of frustration from trying to repeal Obamacare, Republicans have proven they can get big things done.

2. The news media’s dishonesty will be vivid at a personal level. People will be able to compare their personal experience with the news media's fake reporting and endless bias. As the truth sinks in, the ability of the liberal media to shape opinion will decline even further.

3. Democrats who voted against the bill will live to regret it as people look at their family budgets and realize Democrats in the House and Senate wanted Washington bureaucrats to have more money, rather than hard-working Americans. This will certainly be a losing proposition for the 10 Senate Democrats up for re-election in states President Trump won in 2016.

"If Republicans can learn to tell the truth better than the elite media and Democrats lie, the GOP will win an astonishing victory in 2018," the former House speaker dares to predict.

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