Apparently There Was One Defender of that Horrid Latino Victory Fund Ad

Posted: Nov 06, 2017 2:30 PM
Apparently There Was One Defender of that Horrid Latino Victory Fund Ad

The Latino Victory Fund is guilty of creating one of the worst, most disgusting ads in campaign history. Last month, the group, which has endorsed Democratic candidate and Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam, released a TV spot that depicted an angry, Ed Gillespie-supporting truck driver seeking minority children to run over.

We're not kidding. 

The liberal group took the ad down shortly after the terror attack in New York City, in which the assailant used a truck to mow down several pedestrians.

Asked to respond to the controversial ad, Northam insisted it did not originate with his campaign and he would not have approved it.

Defending the ad would be a tall task for even the most liberal of Democrats, yet DNC Chair Tom Perez managed to do it.

"Let's be clear about what's happening in the race in Virginia and in all too many races: dogwhistle politics," Perez sad. "Steve Bannon just endorsed Ed Gillespie in Virginia this morning, and throughout this campaign Ed Gillespie has been fear-mongering. He's been doing the same thing Donald Trump did.  That's not fair. That's not right."

Perez went on to say that Gillespie's Democratic opponent, Ralph Northam, and lieutenant governor nominee Justin Fairfax are looking for ways to unite people.

"Ed Gillespie, throughout the campaign, has been dividing people," Perez said. "When you hit the bully back and the bully starts crying, those are crocodile tears to me."


Speaking of Justin Fairfax, the African-American candidate for lieutenant governor, the Northam campaign was accused of "subtle racism" after removing him from some of their literature in Northern Virginia. Northam neglected to apologize, noting that the dispute was between Fairfax and the labor union who refused to endorse him.

As you can see, the Democrats have their hands full of controversies.

Northam has a narrow lead over Gillespie the day before the election, according to recent polling.