Watch: Trump Tells Reporter to Be 'Quiet' During Intern Photo Op

Posted: Jul 24, 2017 7:15 PM

President Trump had no problem putting a reporter in her place when she interrupted a photo op he was having with a group of young interns at the White House Monday.

"Mr. President, should Jeff Sessions resign?" Associated Press reporter Catherine Lucey yelled during the event.

Trump rolled his eyes, but that didn't stop her from asking another question.

"Do you have a message on health care?"

After the second interruption, Trump told her to "be quiet" and turned to the interns beside him to inform them that the press is not supposed to do that and the journalist was "breaking a code."

The president wasn't amused - but the interns sure were.

The liberal outlet ThinkProgress took Trump's outburst as a signal that either 1) He isn't well versed enough on health care to comment on it or 2) He's sexist. The outlet also used the incident as further proof that this White House has imposed the most draconian restrictions on a press corps in recent memory.

Trump's approach is unorthodox. Does "fake news" ring a bell? Yet, even journalists at The New York Times have admitted that President Trump is "more willing to engage" than his predecessor.

The White House's aggressive approach to the media is unlikely to soften with new Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci at the helm. At his first appearance before the press corps last week, he gave it right back to them. He "took issue" with the very first question he fielded - and he let them know it.

Scaramucci told the press that he intends to defend the president at every turn - even his tweeting.

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