Bill Nye Explains Why Older People Need to Hurry and 'Age Out'

Posted: Jul 21, 2017 7:15 PM
Bill Nye Explains Why Older People Need to Hurry and 'Age Out'

The Los Angeles Times recently did an interview with Bill Nye the Science Guy about his new book, "Everything All at Once." One of the pressing topics of discussion was climate change and those who deny it. 

He singled out one particular demographic.

"Climate change deniers, by way of example, are older. It's generational," Nye told the Los Angeles Times. Nye said that he is calling them out with "due respect," acknowledging that he is "now one of them."

"We're just going to have to wait for those people to 'age out,' as they say," Nye went on, adding that "age out" is a euphemism for "die." "But it'll happen, I guarantee you — that'll happen." (LA Times)

Nye suggested that the disinterest and distrust in science began escalating in the 1980s, when President Reagan began "taking solar panels off the roof of the White House" and "curtailing the efforts to teach schoolchildren the metric system." Those decisions led to a culture that took science for granted, Nye regretted.

He insisted that climate change is a fact and we need to hurry up and accept it.

You know, climate change is something we should all be very concerned about, and we should get to work on it as soon as we can. It’s really an extraordinary time. That’s why I wrote the book, to get people excited about the process and how can use our nerdiness to improve things for everyone.

The science guy and the LA Times also weighed in on science's longstanding tension with religion, noting that science can be considered a faith too - one that based on "verifiable" experiments and observations.

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In addition to writing and picking on the elderly, Nye has also kept himself busy by filming a Netflix show called "Bill Nye Saves the World," a show which glorified sex and got the science expert caught in a bit of hypocrisy.