US Congress Grants Baby Charlie Permanent Resident Status

Posted: Jul 19, 2017 9:25 AM

Baby Charlie Gard, who is currently fighting for his life in the United Kingdom as he suffers from a rare genetic condition, has been granted permanent resident status here in the United States from Congress so he can get the treatment he has been denied by the National Health Service. A Republican congressman from Nebraska tweeted out the positive update on Tuesday. 

Charlie is currently being treated at Great Ormond Street Hospital, where he is on life support. His parents, Chris Gard and Connie Yates, have taken desperate measures to try and get their terminally ill 11-month-old some experimental treatment. 

Yet, in order for that to happen, the medical staff at Great Ormond must be convinced of the treatment's potential to save baby Charlie. Those attempts have so far been unsuccessful. 

Dr Michio Hirano, 56, met with four consultants and Charlie’s mum Connie, 31, yesterday.

The neuroscientist believes new drugs have a “small but significant” chance of reversing brain damage caused by Charlie’s rare genetic condition.

But he was unable to persuade the London hospital’s clinical team who believe it is kinder to turn off 11-month old Charlie’s life support.

Charlie's unfolding saga has been heartbreaking to watch. In one hearing, a judge suggested that his parents once said they would not want their son to live in his current condition. They pushed back at that falsity and stormed out of the room.

Don't worry, though, these parents are not about to give up. 

“We love him more than life itself," they said in a statement. "If he’s still fighting, then we’re still fighting.”